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 Posthumously awarded
  King Solomon
  Emperor Jimmu
  King Alexander
the Great

  Julius Caesar
  Emperor Charlemagne
  King Richard Lionheart
  King Alfonso X
  Emperor Peter
the Great

  King Gustav II Adolf
  Emperor Frederick II the Great
  Queen Eleonor
of Aquitaine

  Queen Isabella I
  Queen Elisabeth I
  Queen Christina
  Empress Catherine
The Great

  Empress Elisabeth
of Austria

Austria- Hungary
  Erik the Red
  El Cid
  Kusunoki Masashige
  Joan of Arc
  Princess Diana
Great Britain

Prince of Marbella & Grand Master
of the

Order of the Royal Honor
H.E. Prince Don Antonio De Pleguezuelos y Velasco


his is an advisory body that may advise the Grand Master, and versed in the traditions and customs of the Order.
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Ambassador for the Kingdom of the Netherlands,
Belgium & Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Grand Knight
Ambassador for United States
His Webpage of Honor
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Ambassador for Russia
Official documents
Videos (Interviews)
Lady Natasha Romanov at Spanish Notary: Don Mauricio Pardo Morales on October 15, 2009, where she was bestowed upon her the title of GRAND DAME, ROYAL CHANCHELLOR FOR RUSSIA, by Prince Don Antonio de Pleguezuelos y Velasco
Ambassador for Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Grand Dame
Ambassador for Canada
Grand Knight
Ambassador for Israel
Grand Dame
Futher information: Coat of Arms of Israel
Ambassador for South Korea
Knight Commander
Ambassador for Japan
Ambassador for Lebanon
Knight Commander
Ambassador for France and Monaco
Dame Commander
Futher information: Coat of Arms of Israel
Lady Nadia Lachhab
Ambassador for Jordan
Grand Knight
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Sir Nafeth Abusakout

Ambassador for Italy and Albania
Dame Commander
Lady Eva Pregu
Ambassador for Nepal
Knight Commander
Sir Suresh Sen Thapa

Ambassador for Romania
Dame Commander
Lady Marinella de Banffy

Ambassador for Tunisia
Grand Knight
H.E. Doctor Mohamed Ben Sadok Ajili Barhoumi
Ambassador for Morocco
Knight Commander
Sir Mohammed Siracusa
Conte di Villalta
Ambassador for Uganda
Knight Commander
Sir Richard Okello Aballa
Ambassador for Nigeria
Knight Commander
Sir Iheanyi N. D. Okwakpam
Knight Commander
Futher information: Coat of Arms of Israel
H.E. Rajpal S. Chowdhury

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 Some of our Members:
Prince Don Antonio de Pleguezuelos y Velasco
Sir Sheikh Mohammed
Sir Cornelis Brandwijk
Sir Giuseppe Ruffolo
Sir Nafeth Abusakout
Sir Charbel Tannous
Sir Suresh Thapa
Lady Natasha Romanov
Baroness Shulamit von Bismark
Lady Patricia von Ostheim
Lady Heiman
Sir Mohammed Siracusa
Conte di Villalta
Lady Anja Siracusa
Conte di Villalta
Sir Mohammed Barhoumi
Sir Ma Sang Chul
Lady Eva Pregu
Sir Sheikh Abdullah
Sir Rajpal Chowdhury
Sir Sultan Mohammed
Futher information Lady Dalia Steiner
Futher information Sir Malcolm Milton
Futher information Sir David Lincoln
Futher information Sir Gerd Matthias Nissen
Futher information Sir Henning Krogh
Futher information
Sir Mehernosh
Futher information Sir Urgen Rinchen
Futher information
Sir Ven. Lama Kalsang
Futher information
Lady Genilde Guerra
Futher information
Sir Samuel Pradas
Futher information
Sir Eloy Guerrero
Futher information Lady Elena Melikova
Futher information Sir John Blakemore
Futher information Sir Dave Maxwell
Futher information Lady Marinella de Banffy  
Futher information Lady Afoma Okafor
Futher information Sir Paul Nash
Futher information Lady Kinga von Lohner
Futher information Sir Kerry Moss
Futher information Lady Helen Ceren
Futher information Sir Libor Tobolak
Futher information
Lady Elina Korshunova
Futher information Sir Arthur Harvey
Futher information Lady Orly Benny Davis
Futher information Lady Monika Bolstad
Futher information Lady Lorre White
Futher information Sir Shadir Mezher
Futher information Sir Patrick Ghosn
Futher information Lady Erin Mortgart
Futher information Sir Mark Benhuri
Futher information Lady Marie-Jeanne Ungaro
Futher information Sir Gregoire Swanson
Futher information Sir Iheanyi Nwokanma
Futher information
Lady Yana Benhuri