Posthumously awarded

Thutmose III


  King Solomon
  Emperor Jimmu
  King Alexander
the Great

  Julius Caesar
  Emperor Charlemagne
  King Richard Lionheart
  King Alfonso X
  Emperor Peter
the Great

  King Gustav II Adolf
  Emperor Frederick II the Great
  Pharaoh Hatshepsut
  Pharaoh Cleopatra VII
  Queen Eleonor
of Aquitaine

  Queen Isabella I
  Queen Elisabeth I
  Queen Christina
  Empress Catherine
The Great

  Empress Elisabeth
of Austria

Austria- Hungary
  Erik the Red
  El Cid
  Kusunoki Masashige
  Joan of Arc



he prestigious Order of the Royal Honor makes a worldwide call to people of honor. The order is a bright song and a bastion of moral behaviour. It honors the root of noble life, quiet heroism and human grandeur. It strives to return to the world that dignity and prestige which appeared lost and endeavors to restore it to a place from which it never ever can be lost again.

This is the goal of our noble Order and with the project of the " Royal Honor Codes ", shall achieve it.




One of these Acts of Chivalry is participation in the presentation of " The Royal Honor Codices ",which could be considered an exclusive and original “Almanach de Gotha” for the XXI century, one of the most prestigious and exclusive Royal Codices ever made for each Monarch, about their dynasty, their life and what they have done for their respective kingdoms, a preciously beautiful and exquisitely illuminated manuscript, which will be presented to the Monarchs in person.


A magnanimous and noble project to strengthen the ties among Monarchs, Members of the Royal Houses, Prestigious Public Figures, Institutions and Companies with excellent reputations around the World.

In expectation of the magnanimous reception and favor that Monarchs bestow on all manner of works of art , We produce and present The Royal Codices Collection ad perpetuam rei memoriam, We pray it will be agreeably received under Monarchical protection.
Included in the illuminated documents will be some exclusive sections comprising " Pages of Honor ", written personally by each Knight or Dame of our distinguished Order, as a compliment to their Royal addressees.

Each of these distinguished individuals will be expressing their admiration in writing to the Monarchs concerned, as a singular and special tribute to their dedication and service to their kingdoms, this act of generosity in their writings to Monarchs, will aggrandize and ennoble them.  


There are bona fide Pages written by Knights and Dames of our Noble Order (Ordo Nobilis) as a "Gratitude Page" for the Monarchs in their Codices, an act of generosity ennobles them, where they will have the opportunity to show to the Monarchs their loyalty or respect (for example writing a poem).

An exclusive an original Letter of Credence for the Monarchs. These illuminated manuscripts will be make on vellum in our Scriptorium, where our scribes and illuminators artists will make a beautiful work, for becoming one of the most original treasure of Chivalry, ever made for the Monarchs.

With each Royal Codex there will be a "Page of Honor" written personally by each Member of our Institution, as a compliment to each of the Monarchs in their Codices, this act of generosity ennobles them.

And as a result, will it show:

1.- For the Monarchs: it will provide solid, honest and sincere proof for them to know those who are really loyal to them and who show respect for them from all over the world.

2.- For the Knights & Dames of Honor: they will have the opportunity to show, through their Pages of Honor, their loyalty or respect to each of the Monarchs.

"The Royal Codices Collection" is an exclusive and prestigious event and is testimonial to their undying loyalty and respectability to Monarchy where ever they may be.

Each Knight or Dame who participates in a Royal Codex will acquire an Exclusive & Luxurious Facsimile of that Royal Codex along with the Pages of Honor of other Knights and Dames of honor .

The Royal Codices Collection will be written in the Monarchs´ language and in English for the international Knights and Dames of honor.

In the event an actual Monarch has reigned for only a short time, we will prepare and publish a Royal Codex of the former Sovereign,  for example H.S.H. Prince Rainier III from Monaco who past away in 2005, or H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan from UAE who past away in 2004.

Illustrative Example:

Volumen I : About Her dynasty, Her life and what the Queen had done for her kingdom.

Volumen II : Comprised of "Pages of Honor" written by our Knights & Dames.

The participation in this Act of Chivalry would be highly significant and would be recorded in the annals of history, because it will be the first time that Members of the Royal Families, Prestigious Public Figures, Institutions and Companies around the World will gather together.

And it can participate any candidate from around the World who comply with the following requirements:

First Step- Must be invited by a Member of the of the Order of the Royal Honor.

Step- All must be approved by the Royal Chancellery of the Order of the Royal Honor regardless of the kingdom in which the Member of Honor desires to be in.

Third Step- All must be approved by the Grand Master of the Order of the Royal Honor.

Illustrative Example:


Yes, if the Member of Honor comply with the requirements aforementioned.

Due our intention is a Worldwide Calling for Men and Women of Honor but with limited number of Members for each Royal Codex, so this is an exclusive and unique event.

Illustrative Examples:

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First quotation:H.L. Mencken(1880-1956), American journalist, editor, critic and philologist.

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Prince Don Antonio de Pleguezuelos y Velasco
Sir Sheikh Mohammed
Sir Cornelis Brandwijk
Sir Giuseppe Ruffolo
Sir HSH Prince Hohenlohe
Sir Nafeth Abusakout
Sir Charbel Tannous
Sir Suresh Thapa
Former Empress of Persia Soraya
Lady Natasha Romanov
Baroness Shulamit von Bismark
Lady Patricia von Ostheim
Lady Heiman
Sir Mohammed Siracusa
Conte di Villalta
Lady Anja Siracusa
Conte di Villalta
Sir Mohammed Barhoumi
Sir Ma Sang Chul
Sir Javier Bernal
Lady Eva Pregu
Sir Sheikh Abdullah
Sir Rajpal Chowdhury
Sir Sultan Mohammed
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