Why we have chosen November 23rd as a official day of the Order of the Royal Honor?

Because it was the day, they were born:

- H.I.M. Emperor Otto I the Great, founder of the Holy Roman Empire (Germany).

- H.M. King Alfonso X the Wise, king of Castile and Leon, (Spain).

- H.E. Don Antonio de Pleguezuelos y Velasco, founder and Grand Master of the Order of the Royal Honor (Spain).


Alfonso's descent from the Hohenstaufen through his mother, a daughter of the emperor Philip of Swabia, gave him a claim to represent the Swabian line. Alfonso's election by the prince-electors of the Holy Roman Empire in 1257 misled him into wild schemes that involved excessive expense but never took effect.


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Personal Motto of the Grand Master:Spanish Romancero (Mis arreos son las armas, mi descanso el pelear, mi cama los duras peñas,
mi dormir siempre velar).


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