Posthumously awarded

  Emperor Charlemagne
  King Richard Lionheart
  King Alfonso X
  Emperor Peter
the Great

  King Gustav II Adolf
  Emperor Frederick II the Great


We welcome and deeply appreciate your financial support of our ongoing activities to promote ethics and peace.

Royal Honor Foundation

Our Non-Profit Foundation was created with the principal aim to develop and promote socio-cultural activities, in order to contribute to human happiness.
Being happy is the most important expression of human life. Because of this, the foundation has made it its duty to support and carry out projects and to help all humans of no matter what origin to develop their personal abilities and gifts to their full potential.

The values to which the foundation is committed to are liberty, solidarity, equality, justice, peaceful living, respect and diverse worldviews.
A special desire is the protection of women´s rights. All of these values are to be promoted through socio-cultural activities in different areas. In this place of personal growth, the aspirations of the foundation are put into practice.

The activities of the foundation are:

1.- Promotion of pacifism as a human ethic based on solidarity.

2.-  Promotion of education and training as a medium to achieve equalitarian development in presence of any social unbalance.

3.- Promotion of culture, the arts, science and literature in any of their forms.

4-. Stimulation of the practice of sport as an integral part of personal development.

5.- Realisation of interdisciplinary cultural projects, meeting and co-existing with people throughout the world so as to develop activities that contribute to the aims of the Foundation.

6.- To spread information on the social and cultural initiatives of companies.

7.- To facilitate the professional orientation of students, stimulating their presence in businesses and other public or private entities in order to improve their training, and in collaboration with Universities, Entities and Institutions of all types.

8.- Conservation, restoration and rehabilitation of the Historical and artistic heritage.

9.- Promotion of the physical, psychic and mental improvement of the individual putting at their service, systems, methods and investigations that teach how to live in harmony with nature in order to find health and happiness.

10.- Co-operation in activities aimed at creating a better knowledge of nature and a greater protection of animals and the environment, as a form of education and personal development, thus to defend our own future and the future of our planet.

  • 10a.- To preserve and encourage falconry within the context of sustainable use of wildlife.
  • 10b.- To encourage conservation, the ecological and veterinary research on birds of prey and to promote, under scientific guidance, domestic propagation for falconry

Development of the aims:

1. To act as a collaboration and/or co-ordination platform with other Foundations, Associations and Companies with convergent purposes that may exist at a national or international level, through the media.

2. To raise international comprehension through campaigns, discussions and activities that facilitate a mutual knowledge of their own cultures and in a spirit of cooperation, based on dialogue and non violence, that facilitates a favourable climate for international relationships.

3. To convene and to organise congresses, conferences, seminars, to promote publication courses, round tables, to concede personal scholarships and grants, and in general, to sponsor activities which coincide with the aims and objectives of the foundation.

4. To award prizes to those persons and entities, whose labour may have contributed to the Foundation's aims in a relevant and exemplary way.