The obvious truth of the above verse is the justifiable reason why in this noble Order
only Men and Women of Honor may participate as a Member


Plato (left) and Aristotle (right)
The School of Athens - fresco by Raphael.
Aristotle gestures to the earth, representing his belief in knowledge through empirical observation and experience, whilst Plato gestures to the heavens, representing his belief in The Forms.

he Order of the Royal Honor is sending out a Worldwide call to Men and Women of Honor.

Our Order is a song of praise and a stronghold for moral behavior throughout the World. It honors the origins of the noble life, of heroism and of human grandeur. It strives to return to mankind that dignity and prestige which should never have been lost, and constantly endeavors to elevate Honor to a place from which it can never be lost again.
It is through the Royal Honor Codes that the goal of this noble order will be achieved.

ristotle, teacher of Alexander the Great, said:"the vulgarities of ordinary men seem to identify with happiness and pleasure, which is the reason why they love the life of enjoyment, they comprise the mass of mankind and are evidently quite slavish in their tastes, preferring a life suitable to beasts. On the other hand, noble men show superior refinement and are of active disposition for they identify happiness with honor."1

It is this noble precept in which the principal aims of the Royal honor are based.

onor is the distinguishing sign of the Knights and a symbol of high moral principles , it is the most appreciated jewel that human beings can possess . I n the whole world there is no similar virtue with which it can be compared, for it is priceless.

t is one of the most precious gifts which heaven hath bestowed on man, exceeding all other treasures which earth encloses or which oceans hide.
Honor is the lifeblood of Aristotle's people of superior refinement, it is with honor that they venture through life itself.
On the other hand, dishonor is the greatest evil that human nature can endure2, or as beautifully expressed by the greatest English poet, William Shakespeare, honor is “the sole monarch of the universal earth”.3

he man of honor lives as an eagle, the noble and royal bird par excellence, he does not live attached to the ground like a reptile or worm, coveting only material things. He does not lead a miserable life nor endeavor to acquire unworthy advantages. To the contrary, he aspires to rise above the rest. The man of Honor cares for his country and his own destiny.

He is the one who adopts the highest standards of behaviour and excellence, not only for his life, but for that of society also. The man of Honor faces his responsibilities and obligations with courage, the one who remains steadfast and does not become discourage d by difficulties.

He is the one whose vocation requires him to strive to be the very best he can. His virtues, values, courage, loyalty, fidelity, sincerity, responsibility, intelligence, honesty, generosity and courtesy and his greatness of mind are what make the man of Honor.

owadays our moral and spiritual values are in crisis. These values which once made us worthy and which gave our lives some sense and dignity, have been diminished by a society in which everything is permitted, where the only thing that seems to matter is to consume and spare no expense.

Honor is a noble style of behavior for, if harnessed, it can curb the degeneration, degradation, corruption and decline of our times, it preserves the lineage of families in whichever country Honorable men reside. So strong is its positives effect on the human being and its capacity to ennoble, it helps us achieve the highest of virtues.
  sense of honor is, in truth a foundation and guarant or of social order and fulfils an important role as a builder of solid social links4. It is the value which gives life, as a mother, gives birth to her children5.

The sense of honor has great importance for human life and for the existence of our culture, therefore it is the key building block in creating the best moments in our history. We should be proud of the legacy those builders of honor bequeathed to us, for without them, we would be nothing. Those men and women have complied with their duties against all manner of difficulties and have kept their honor and dignity bright with gallant behaviour.

We could even say that the number of men of honor in each nation, shows the moral value of a Country better than any other quantity6.

onor is that inner strength and nobleness of mind which has the hardness of a diamond, it can give us a noble and bright life. That is the reason why men of honor are engaged with noble causes and beauty, and also why honor is considered to be the crown jewel which embellishes and brightens our souls. It is our inner and spiritual crown, the royal garment of the human being, it is the royal privilege of men.
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he way of honor is an invitation to live in the beauty, pushing us to grow in a environment of beautiful actions, manners, words and thoughts. It encourages us to create beauty and, at the same time, gives us the means and strength to do it.

To live with honor transforms our lives into a beautiful and lovely masterpiece, where the inspiration of distinguished behaviour is found, that main principle in which the dignity and nobility of human life are grounded7 . It is the one virtue opens the path to happiness.

The sense of honor is of so fine and delicate a nature, that it is only to be met with in minds which are naturally noble8, or in such as have been cultivated by good examples, or a refined education, so our honor will increase the closer to it, and will decrease the further we withdraw.
onor is that right way which mankind has to follow to serve the world and it is the finest sense of justice the human mind can frame9. It is an inner voice that we can feel from the depth of our souls. Those who do not have a sense of honor, or do not feel any self esteem or esteem for others, also do not care to show any decency. They are shameless, a moral and rude.
Through milennia we have seen from kings to honest persons swear to their honor. Let us remember that with a simple word of Honor pacts have been sealed in ways more sure and inviolable than with written agreements.

The sense of honor, the respect for one's own honor and the honor of others, has helped humanize relationships in all countries throughout the ages.

Even for the ancient Romans Honor was in high value as it was seen as personification of the deity "Honos" (deity of chivalry, honor and military justice) represented as a young warrior holding a lance and a cornucopia, and his temple was situated closed to the temple of the Virtues, (deity of bravery and military strength), showing in this way the close relation between honor and virtue.
Dear reader, please dot not forget these beautiful words, written by Don Miguel de Cervantes, Prince of Wits, in his magnum opus, The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha.

iberty is one of the most precious gifts which heaven hath bestowed on man, exceeding all the treasures which earth encloses or which ocean hides; and for this blessing, as well as for honor, we may and ought to venture life itself: on the other hand, captivity and restraint are the greatest evils that human nature can endure.
Don Miguel de Cervantes

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