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My name is Brian Nelson Willis, married to my wife Snizhana Willis. I am Chairman, CEO and Principal Shareholder of the Brockstar Group of Companies of which I established in 1990 and of which is now an international financial group principally based in the USA with affiliate offices in Norway, Sweden, Japan, Australia and the Cook Islands.

Brockstar Group underwrites and provides funding for large commercial projects and privately funded investments including private portfolio management.

The Brockstar Group of Companies makes loan funding available to its Australian subsidiary company, Brockstar Australia Dep. Pty Ltd for project investment. Mr. Peter Smith its Chairman and Managing Director and his corporate officers are responsible for identification of investments, and the implementation of a high standard of corporate and moral Governance Policies in any projects ongoing management.

We work with the MIGA and the IFC of the World Bank Group, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, a USA Governmental Agency, and numerous major world banks, insurance companies and investment firms. Brockstar Holding International Inc.' s asset base and holdings are valued in excess of 6 Billion USD. We additionally fund major motion pictures and have an interest in several production companies.
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I was born in Erie, PA and raised in Newport Beach, CA. I attended and graduated from Newport Harbor High School and also attended Orange Coast College majoring in business management. I am a U.S. Citizen and hold residency status in both the USA and the Country of Norway since 1996. I own various construction businesses and property also in Norway.

Brockstar Group's principal banking relationships are domiciled in both the USA and Norway with accounts held in several major European banks. I am a conservative and belong to the Republican Party. I am a member of the National Republican Congressional Committee and an Honorary Co Chairman to the Republican Business Advisory Board for the State of California.

My personal business awards include Business Man of the Year for 2005 and 2006, Republican of the Year for 2006, Congressional Medal of Distinction, Congressional Order of Merit and Who's Who inclusions for years 1995, 1996 and 2002. I work with various humanitarian groups and charities including the
Christian Children's Fund and the FFOCC (Foundation for our children's children).

I believe in God and am a Christian. I am a collector of fine art, coins and antiquities and own a private collection valued in excess of several million dollars.
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