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The great thinker Seneca said at a certain time: “honor forbids actions which law does not prohibit”.
After passing the frontier of the XX century, time is pointing at baseness to reach success, giving us as a result unhappy minds.
The other path, the other way, is not mentioned because it shows words like loyalty, respect or fidelity, terms that seem taken from a Shakespearian novel.
As Knights from another age, H.E. Don Antonio de Pleguezuelos y Velasco tries to recover the value of “honor” and raise it up and back to the place where it should never have fallen down.

H.E. Don Antonio de Pleguezuelos y Velasco is the founder and Grand Master of the Order of the Royal Honor, and has chosen “La Tribuna newspaper” to introduce this exclusive project  to society. He was raised in a Christian home and has travelled around many different countries, which has given him a knowledge of different cultures and ways of thinking.

 What is the purpose of this noble project?  

To build up the World´s most exclusive Order and to provide an exclusive venue (Marbella, Spain) for men and women of honor to recognize and pay tribute to all of the Royal Codices wherever they may be situated in the world. But only Men of honor and Companies with excellent reputation will have the privilege to participate in that exclusive and unique event. What do you think about the idea?

Don´t you think it sounds like an impossible mission?

To me the wordimpossible”, is the adjective of fools. One must have a clear vision of the future, not to care how big the challenge will be, when one has a clear vision, the objectives can be reached easily, we can include as an example, the United Arab Emirates whose main income came from fishing and pearl produccion, and with bright new ideas they have become the Pearl of the Middle East.

hat is Honor for you?

It is a quality that combines respect, pride and honesty, so the sense of honor is of so fine and delicate a nature, that it is only to be met with in minds which are naturally noble.

How did you come up with the idea of the Order of the Royal Honor?
When the founder of the Order met the former Empress of Persia, Her Imperial Highness Princess Soraya, a friendship was born. That friendship planted the seeds of an idea in the Grand Master's mind, as he realized that honor as a noble value has not yet died out.
Without hesitation Her Imperial Highness encouraged him to act on this idea, as you can see, it did not stay only an idea.

H.I.H. Princess Soraya enthralled with the idea, and She said to the Grand Master:

"Do it, do not leave it just an a idea. I am certain that the Peope of Honor an Royals will agree. Throughout my life I have had moments of great happiness, and moments that were not so good. But it is at these bad moments that one can recognize who your friends really are, your loyal friends, and this idea of yours will serve as proof for Monarchs of who their loyal people really are, and of who truly respects them around the world".

For me honor, respect, honesty and dignity are the fundamental values that define the true worth of a human being.

ears later, in 2002, I went to visit H.S.H. Prince Alfonso zu Holenlohe to his private villa in Marbella, and when I explained the project to him, he showed great enthusiasm, wishing to participate in the Order of the Royal Honor, keeping always his entrepreneur spirit, since he had friends within the Royal European and Arab Houses.

He commented to me that people had called him a crazy visionary five times:

  "The first time was because I made a tourist resort in Marbella, people at that time used to go to the north, the second time was for taking Volkswagen into Mexico when it was full of Yankee cars, the third time was for bringing Volvo to Spain, when Spain had no commercial agreements with Sweden, the fourth was for making a ski lift at Sierra  Nevada, and the fifth was for making wine at Ronda…, but you are crazy too ."

Why did you choose La Tribuna de Marbella newspaper, as a springboard to the medias?

I have chosen “La Tribuna” for two main reasons: first because it is the local newspaper of Marbella, and second because it is completely independent, it allows freedom of expression, which is an essential premise to express yourself in democratic terms.

Why did you choose Marbella as the main headquarters for the Order of the Royal Honor?   

Because I consider myself a Marbella and Andalusia citizen, since I have lived and enjoyed this lovely city since many years ago, but it must be remembered that Andalusia is a historic referent, where the main monotheistic religions (Christians, Muslims, Jewish) coexisted giving rise to an important cultural and intellectual expansion.
At the same time, it played an important role due to its geographic situation and it also was a bridge between Eastern and Occidental countries. And the objective of the Royal Honor Codes is the interaction between all the Royal families with their followers.

What is the significance of being a Member of the Order of the Royal Honor?

It means: honor, prestige, reputation, privilege, grandeur, gallantry, courage, upper class, elite, leadership, distinction, sincerity, respect, loyalty, honesty, friendship, dignity, courtesy, refinement, elegancy, renown, altruism, philanthropy and nobleness.

What the Royal Honor Codes are?

here are Codes of Chivalry in which the Participants of Honor will show their loyalty or respect to a Sovereign as a Honor Code, building up different conditions leading to the development of friendship and common interest projects based in loyalty or respect, it's a link, it's the Honor link.

The goal of the Royal Honor Codes are: to join all Men of Honor, Royal Houses Members to reputable Personalities and Companies around the World, who are loyal or respectful to the former.

A Royal Honor Code is: the Code of Honor, the Code of Respect and the Code of Friendship.

- For the Sovereigns of Honor , it will be a proof to know who are really loyal to them or respect them.

- And the Participants of Honor will have the opportunity to show to the Sovereigns their loyalty or respect with this special event.

The Order of the Royal Honor will write the Most Exclusive Codices ever made for each Sovereign about his life and what he had done for his kingdom, which will be given to the Sovereigns in person, and each Participants of Honor for that Royal Honor Codex will acquire an Exclusive & Luxurious facsimile of that Codex, with the list of the other Participants of Honor.

The number of Participants per Royal Honor Codex will be limited. The Royal Honor Codices are made for each sovereign and his predecessors. If the actual Sovereign has reigned for a short time, we will make a Royal Honor Codex from the former Sovereign, like for example HSH Prince Rainier III from Monaco who past away in 2005 y or HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan from UAE who past away in 2004. It must be emphasized that the Royal Saudi family are more than 5.000 members, we will write Royal Honor Codex for each king since it founded (king Abdulaziz, Saud, Faisal, Khalid, Fahd and Abdullah), and for the United Arab Emirates,we will write a Royal Honor Codex for each president from each Emirate.  

Have you written up any Royal Honor Codex already?

I began to write the Royal Honor Codex of the Custodian of the two Holly mosques, King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, and after searching a common point between Spain and Saudi Arabia, I eventually found it in a poem of the lions fountain at the Alhambra Palace in Granada, in which it is said that the founders of the Alhambra are descendants of the Ansars (Ansar were the friends who helped the prophet Mohammed in Medina, and I chose that king because he gave a solidarity contribution to Marbella people, through donations aimed to build houses for people in need, and to the equipment of the hospital, besides, he promoted this town internationally every time he visited it,.
Currently, we have the privilege of being visited by the king´s brother H.R.H. Prince Salman, a possible king in a short time, and also by the Presidents of the Emirates, and by other important people.

Who can participate in those Royal Honor Codices?

Any reputable Person or Company around the World, if they comply with the following requirements:

1. Must be invited by a Knight or a Dame of RH.

2. Must be approved by the Royal Chancellery of RH of the kingdom of the Royal Honor Codex.

3. Must be approved by the Grand Master.

The members of the Royal Chancelleries will be persons close to the Royal Houses of their corresponding countries in most cases.

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