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H.E. Prince Don Antonio De Pleguezuelos y Velasco
Prince of Marbella & Grand Master

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As snow in summer, and as rain in harvest, so honour is not seemly for a fool.
( Bible Proverbs 26:1)

now ye all persons witnessing this instrument that, Prince of Marbella, H.E. Prince Don Antonio de Pleguezuelos y Velasco, by the Grace of God, Founder & Grand Master of the Order of the Royal Honor (Ordo Nobilis), noble Institution of Chivalry, mores maiorum,which aspires to recover the highest Knightly Virtues, is sending out a Worldwide call to Men and Women of Honor. (1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5) Spanish Opening

ur bona fide "Order of Chivalry", is a song of praise and a stronghold for moral behavior throughout the World. It honors the origins of noble life, of heroism and of human grandeur. It strives to give mankind back its dignity and prestige which should never have been lost, and constantly endeavors to elevate Honor to a place from which it can never be lost again.

e must not forget that honor is the inner strength and nobility of mind having the qualities of a diamond, lends nobility and illumination to life.
Thus men and women of honor engage with noble causes and honor is considered the crown jewel which illuminates the soul. It is  our inner and spiritual crown, the royal garment of the human being, it is the royal privilege of men

ristotle, teacher of Alexander the Great, said: "the vulgarities of ordinary men seem to identify with happiness and pleasure, which is the reason why they love the life of enjoyment, they comprise the mass of mankind and are evidently quite slavish in their tastes, preferring a life suitable to beasts. On the other hand, noble men show superior refinement and are of active disposition for they identify happiness with honor." 1
Natasha Romanov at Spanish Notary: Don Mauricio Pardo Morales, where she was bestowed
upon her the dignity of DAME and LADY, by Prince H.E. Prince Don Antonio de Pleguezuelos y Velasco,
Grand Master of the Order of the Royal Honor

Beauty will save the world
he man of honor lives as an eagle, royal bird par excellence, he does not live attached to the ground like a reptile or a worm, coveting material things. He does not lead a miserable life nor endeavor to acquire unworthy advantages. To the contrary, he aspires to rise above the rest. The man of Honor cares for his country and his own destiny.
Video: King Richard the Lionheart

ur Institution was founded ad hoc to pay a tribute of respect, for those men and women who have complied with their duty throughout history and against all difficulties and have retained their Honor and dignity, with the magnanimous purpose to unite the knightly spirit of such figures have been symbolized in the mankind's history, we are truly blessed to have such a noble history behind us. 
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e look forward to a time when honor as a moral value that governs human behaviour will prevail, and the banners of justice, mercy and brotherhood among peoples will be raised in order to achieve security, stability and peace for all humanity.

e date this letter in the very noble and very loyal city of Marbella, (kingdom of Spain), Thrusday, twenty and three walked days of the month of November, in era of MMVI4



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