Posthumously awarded
  King Solomon
  Emperor Jimmu
  King Alexander
the Great

  Emperor Charlemagne
  King Richard Lionheart
  King Alfonso X
  Emperor Peter
the Great

  King Gustav II Adolf
  Emperor Frederick II the Great
  Queen Eleonor
of Aquitaine

  Queen Isabella I
  Queen Elisabeth I
  Queen Christina
  Empress Catherine
The Great

  Empress Elisabeth
of Austria

Austria- Hungary
  El Cid
  Joan of Arc


Grand Knight
Grand Dame

Knight/Dame Lieutenant

Our Missions:
Our Noble mission: To join Men and Women of Honor around the World in our noble Order, and as a way to further strengthen their relationship, friendship, respect and cooperation. This is the link of Honor.
Our Royal mission:To Defend the Royal Member's Honor, promoting their Prestige and their Reputation in Humanistic, Historical and Cultural ways, but ony for the ones which we will consider persons of honor.

The sense of honor is of so fine and delicate a nature, that it is only to be met with in minds which are naturally noble, or in such as have been cultivated by good examples, or a refined education.
We request four requirements for becoming official Member:
1) Curriculum Vitae/Resume, if the Candidate is not invited by a member.

2) We request a video conference with the Candidate and our Grand Master Prince Antonio.

3) Legal identification for Notary, if the Candidate wants Certificate from Notary.

4) Donation in euros or bitcoins to our Foundation. We grant our titles depending of the donation to our Foundation, as a gesture of chivalry and solidarity.

Royal Honor Procedure:
*In case the Candidate did not make any merit to our Order, we request a donation to our Foundation, as a merit. In this particular case we will grant our titles depending of the donation. futher information
Anyone from any country can apply for membership (Knighthood/Damehood).

Please send those requirements to our Princely Legal Cabinet, and our international Council will check your application.

When a Candidate is approved as a Member of our international Institution (Ordo Nobilis), we will send him/her a Legal Certificate from the Spanish Notary Public, as a legal evidence, ad perpetuam rei memoriam.
Our Official Titles are issued by the Notary Public, with Apostille of the Hague (international recognition).
futher information
We grant legal title of SIR to our Knights, and LADY to our Dames (Knighthood/Damehood).
Our Order of the Royal Honor, as a legal entity is registered at Ministry of Justice of Spanish kingdom.
This international Institution is an excellent platform for meeting people of honor, for friendship and for business.
Members can attend our exclusive events around the world.
Privileges of Members

Marbella Princely Legal Cabinet
For legal inquiries:

Sir Francisco García

Legal advise:

If you want to become member of a Royal Order, it must be from reigning Monarchy, because  they have a legal proteccion about titles, which are published at government gazettes, like the princely title of Prince of Marbella (our Grand Master Prince Antonio), published at Spanish State Gazette. futher information
Monachies in Europe
List of government gazettes

In a Republic country, anyone can self-styled whatever without any control, and on internet there are many fake ones, please check titles at government gazettes from reigning Monarchies.
1. British kingdom. Baron title
2. Spanish kingdom: Prince title
Fake Prince of Marbella: Monzer Al Kassar (Arms dealer)
Natasha Romanov at Spanish Notary: Don Mauricio Pardo Morales, where she was bestowed upon
her the title of DAME, and LADY, by H.E. Prince Don Antonio de Pleguezuelos y Velasco.

Illustrative Example:

How to become a Member from the Kingdom of Great Britain


First Step- All must be approved by the Royal Chancellery of the Order of the Royal Honor regardless of the country in which the Candidate came from.
In case we still do not have a Royal Chancellery from the Aspirant´s country, our international Council will be the one in charge to approve the Aspirant.

Second Step- All must be approved by Prince Antonio, Grand Master of the Order of the Royal Honor.

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We the People
of Royal Honor

 Some of our Members:
Prince Don Antonio de Pleguezuelos y Velasco
Sir Sheikh Mohammed
Sir Cornelis Brandwijk
Sir Giuseppe Ruffolo
Sir HSH Prince Hohenlohe
Sir Nafeth Abusakout
Sir Charbel Tannous
Sir Suresh Thapa
Former Empress of Persia Soraya
Lady Natasha Romanov
Baroness Shulamit von Bismark
Lady Patricia von Ostheim
Lady Heiman
Sir Mohammed Siracusa
Conte di Villalta
Lady Anja Siracusa
Conte di Villalta
Sir Mohammed Barhoumi
Sir Ma Sang Chul
Sir Javier Bernal
Lady Eva Pregu
Sir Sheikh Abdullah
Sir Rajpal Chowdhury
Sir Sultan Mohammed
Futher information Lady Pilar Martinez
Futher information Lady Dalia Steiner
Futher information Sir Malcolm Milton
Futher information Sir David Lincoln
Futher information
Sir Mehernosh
Futher information Sir Urgen Rinchen
Futher information
Lady Genilde Guerra
Futher information
Sir Samuel Pradas
Futher information Lady Helen Ceren
Futher information Sir Juan Chacon
Futher information Sir Arthur Harvey
Futher information Sir Gabriel Gonzalez
Futher information Lady Orly Benny Davis
Futher information Lady Monika Bolstad
Futher information Lady Lorre White
Futher information Sir Shadir Mezher
Futher information Sir Patrick Ghosn
Futher information Lady Erin Mortgart
Futher information Sir Mark Benhuri
Futher information Sir Iheanyi Nwokanma